A baseline character resource for vocal synths without mascots, with free-to-use designs and assets for creators.


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Introducing VIMALION PROJECT - a baseline character resource for vocal synths without mascots.Through free-to-use character designs and assets, we hope to provide a creative baseline and platform for vocal synths without mascots, in order to give creatives a starting ground to build.Basically, here's some free art and character designs for those voicebanks without mascots that you can use. Have fun!

⨁ VIMALION logo by mmairo1⨁ managed by rice and CircusP

The name VIMALION stems from "Virtual Pygmalion", in reference to the Greek classic in which a sculpture is brought to life by the love of her creator. To us, it's highly reminiscent of how the vocal synth community breathes life into blank software mascots through creating art, songs, and content.Just as a creator's love for a character brings that character to life, that love is also reciprocated in turn- driving creators to become even better, pushing further, and inspiring more creativity, all for the sake of these virtual singers.While the technology of singing synthesis stands alone in its own right, to us, an important part of vocal synth culture is having characters to adore, reimagine, and drive us to create content for their sakes. With VIMALION, our goal is to provide baseline character designs for vocal synths that lack them, in order to provide a creative foundation for other creators.

(Essentially, while we don't think voicebanks NEED designs, having designs to work off of personally motivates us, so we hope that it'll also motivate others... to use these really cool voicebanks.....)

Consider the usage rights to be the same as how, like, Miku's boxart image would be used. Go ahead and put it in cover videos, go ahead and draw art of the designs, but don't put the illustrations directly on merch, album art, etc.


✔️ Please do use the character designs for commercial and non-commercial use!

✔️ Please do make art of the character designs!
✔️ Please do make merch of the character designs!
✔️ Please do use the character designs for original MVs!
✔️ Please do make MV OC designs based off the character designs!
✔️ Please do use the character designs for album art!
✔️ Please do use the character designs for covers!

✔️ Please do use the illustrations for non-commercial use!

✔️ Please do use the illustrations for covers!
✔️ Please do use the illustrations in-engine!


⚠️ Please credit the designs back to VIMALION whenever possible!
⚠️ Please link back to this website (vimalion.carrd.co) whenever possible!
(That way more and more people can use the designs!)⚠️ Please credit the illustrations back to their artists!

⚠️Example of proper credit:
"VIMALION Qing Su art by karnerlogical"
"Fengyi design from Vimalion Project vimalion.carrd.co""Vimalion Yuma fanart vimalion.carrd.co"


Please don't use the illustrations for commercial use! This is absolutely forbidden!
❌ Please don't use the designs to spread hate messages. Be reasonable.

If you have any other questions, please contact us :)


For any questions or inquiries not covered by the usage page, please feel free to DM the Vimalion Twitter at @VIMALION_PRO !



Examples of personal use:
- Covers (monetized covers are OK too)
- In-editor image
- Social media icons

✔️ All assets on this website may be used for personal use. Please credit back when possible!


Examples of commercial use
- Album covers
- Merchandise
- Monetized MVs

✔️ Character designs (as long as the art is original)
❌You may not use the illustrations for commercial use.


- ✔️ You may use the illustrations freely for personal use, such as in covers, or as in-editor assets
- ⚠️ Please credit the artist and VIMALION.

- ❌ You are absolutely forbidden from using the illustrations for commercial use.


- ✔️ You may use the character designs freely for personal and commercial use

- ⚠️ Please credit the character designs back to VIMALION whenever possible.
- ❌ Please don't use the designs to spread hate messages. Be reasonable.


A mature older-sister type, with a bit of a childish streak. Not someone who you want to get on the bad side of.


An eccentric with a tendency to act before thinking. Despite being a scatterbrain, he's usually dependable when it counts.


A quiet young man with a cool and mysterious air. In reality, he's usually just too busy overthinking to speak.

QING SU / 青溯

A kindhearted and serene girl that doesn't let the small things bother her. Despite this, she is easily moved to tears when she sees something she likes.

MO CHEN / 默辰

A softspoken young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. The older brother of Qing Su, though he's often mistaken for the younger sibling.

An Xiao

AN XIAO / 岸晓

A passionate man who takes even the smallest things seriously. Both intensely earnest and incredibly guillable, which makes him an easy target.

FENG YI / 沨漪

A diligent, serious girl who's always the first to be the voice of reason. Struggles with expressing her feelings, except when she's singing.


The first member of the "SynthV AI Gold" series. An enigmatic woman that radiates elegance and maturity- though at time she comes off as a bit detached.


An unreadable girl, who sometimes startles people with her quiet presence. Not afraid to speak her mind- just doesn't think it's worth the bother most of the time.


A fun-loving, mischievous young man who never seems to be up to any good. Surprisingly mature when you least expect it.

Additional Art Assets


A bubbly girl who seems to be friends with anyone and everyone. A bright student, but sometimes lacking in common sense.

Additional Art Assets

Cong Zheng

A serious rock princess who never wavers once she sets her eyes on a goal. Sometimes she can come off as a bit detached.

Xuan Yu

A spacey rock prince who easily loses sight of what's right in front of him. Sometimes has trouble controlling his volume.



he doesn't have a confirm name or logo yet i just want him to be named nick really badly.

Cheng Xiao

A girl overflowing with passion and dedication for Peking Opera. While intimidating, she's surprisingly down-to-earth once you talk to her.


As steadfast and stubborn as a rock, you get the sense that you could argue with him for months before he'd even think of compromising on his ideals.


Something about this girl warms you to the core, like the sun on a chilly spring day, or a cup of tea in the cold evenings.


You can never quite tell what this quiet and mysterious individual is thinking, but you get the sense that they want to be heard.


A sweet girl who you could talk to for absolutely forever, and feel like no time has passed at all.